Regeneration of Dialysis Fluid for Treatment of Kidney Failure

HemoCleanse is a leader in this field also, the first company to have FDA approval to market a dialysis machine that regenerates dialysis fluid since the Redy machines of the 1970s and 1980s.  Our machine had many advantages for home dialysis, including the need for only 6 liters of tap water instead of over 100 liters of purified water, and use of one needle for blood access rather than the usual two.

The result of our efforts was the creation of Renal Solutions, Inc., which received the FDA approval and was progressing towards approval for home dialysis with the machine when purchased by FMC.

We continue the R&D efforts for RSI, including application of sorbent regeneration of dialysate to peritoneal dialysis as a wearable system.

We are exploring new technologies for removal of toxins from dialysate, to make sorbent regeneration more compact and effective.