Peritoneal Dialysis Access

Dr. Ash and HemoCleanse have been leaders in the field of peritoneal access devices, especially designed to improve flow into and out of the peritoneum. Since the description of the straight and coiled silicone catheters by Tenckhoff in 1968, there have been only a few new designs for the intraperitoneal portion PD catheters, and Dr. Ash has originated most of them.

Dr. Ash developed the Column Disc (LifeCath) in the 1980s, and the T-Fluted (Advantage) catheter in the 1990s. Reference the attached review.  (Coming Soon)

Current efforts are towards creating a PD catheter design that can be placed through a small cannula with peritoneoscopy, but which provides a fixed position on the outer peritoneal surface and high flow along this surface. The MaxFlow catheter is summarized in this attached poster presentations. Further improvements are now being made to this design to make it easier to place and increase flow even further