Models for Training in Interventional Nephrology

Dr. Ash has a long interest in refining procedures that help patients with kidney failure. He is a co-founder of the American Society for Diagnostic and Interventional Nephrology (ASDIN), with Drs. Beathard, Work and O’Neill.

In training physicians for various procedures needed by patients with kidney failure, ASDIN found that there were no suitable physical or computer models to demonstrate techniques of placement of tunneled internal jugular catheters for dialysis, or for angioplasty of grafts or fistulas with simulated x-ray angiograms. HemoCleanse responded to this need and created the IJ Ultrasound Model and the Endovascular Model described in the Products section of this site.

HemoCleanse also developed a model for PD catheter placement by peritoneoscopy, and is now working to improve this model to also allow training on PD catheter placement by guidewire/splitsheath technique using fluoroscopy.