Liver Failure and Drug Overdose Therapy

HemoCleanse has led this field with the only FDA-approval to market an artificial liver support device. The same device has approval for treatment of serious drug overdose. We have created the only extracorporeal blood therapy devices that use sorbents as powders in suspensions, rather than as large granules in columns.

While the Liver Dialysis System is no longer marketed, we are working on a replacement based on carbon block technology, plus some novel and patentable methods for creating filtration beds from powdered sorbents.

Click here to see a presentation by Dr. Stephen Ash and David Carr at the ESAO medical meetings in Flash format

We see this technology now as a dialysate or plasma regenerating column fitting into dialysis or CVVH machines which are now used in the hospital.  What we envision, is an agile means to adapt existing kidney dialysis equipment to a device for the treatment of liver failure or drug overdose, when indicated.