Hemodialysis Access

HemoCleanse has had  a long interest in vascular access, including creation of the Ash Split Cath, the most popular central dialysis catheter for dialysis in the world.

Through its spin-off Ash Access Technology it has now developed a next generation central venous catheter, the Centros. Unique feature is that it is designed to center itself in the Superior Vena Cava rather than to require placing it into the heart. The catheter is now marketed by AngioDynamics and long-term flow of catheters has been excellent.

HemoCleanse has also focused on another problem in hemodialysis access, surveillance for detection of stenosis (narrowing) in grafts and fistulas used for dialysis. Medicare (CMS) requires this surveillance of access devices as a condition of coverage, but methods for doing this are either very difficult or have not shown clinical  benefit. We have developed a simple method for measurement of the pressure in the access device and automatically correlating it to the systemic arterial pressure. The StenTec™ Gauge allows immediate reading of the Intra Access Pressure Ratio by observation of how far the blood air interface moves into the tubing of a fistula needle after placement with the standard “dry” stick.

The product is now being provided to several dialysis units for further trials.