As described in Research Areas, HemoCleanse has developed realistic vascular access Training Products to help physicians learn to place central venous catheters for dialysis, perform endovascular procedures on grafts and fistulas, place tunneled peritoneal dialysis catheters by several techniques, and perform kidney biopsy.

Vascular Access Training: Endovascular

The Endovascular Model is for learning to perform angiograms, angioplasty and de-clot procedures on grafts or fistulas

Vascular Access Training: IJ Ultrasound

The IJ Ultrasound Model is for learning to place tunneled or non-tunneled central venous catheters for dialysis using real-time ultrasound.

Peritoneal Access Training

The HemoCleanse ® Peritoneal Procedures Training Model is designed to give physicians experience with the mechanical steps of placing chronic tunneled peritoneal dialysis catheters by peritoneoscopy, fluoroscopy, or blind techniques. The model provides a simulation of the physical characteristics of the abdominal wall including the anterior and posterior rectus sheath, subcutaneous tissue, and skin. The “two-pop” feel as a needle or trocar passes through the rectus muscle is replicated well by the model. The model allows ultrasound imaging of the abdominal wall and abdomen. Practice with the model does not provide sufficient experience to perform procedures on patients, but it does give familiarity with the steps and equipment needed.

The model includes simulated bowel loops and a single kidney attached to a rod which creates motion of the organs as would be seen with respiration in the patient.

For more information, please contact:

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